Our story imageSteve Williams’ dream of a family entertainment center for Tuscaloosa is coming to life with the opening of Shindig.

“I have always wanted to see a real family entertainment place here in Tuscaloosa,” says Steve, a lifelong area resident. “It’s an idea I have been working on for more than 10 years now.”

With 28 modern bowling lanes, a state-of-the-art arcade, laser tag, black-light golf and a restaurant spread over 52,000-square-feet, Shindig is already the talk of the town.

“We only had a small sign up and people were coming up every day asking what we were building and when it would be open. There has never been anything like it in the area,” says Steve who hopes to host hundreds of birthday parties and corporate gatherings at Shindig.

Shindig is modern version of the word “shindu,” meaning a merry dance or party, which first appeared in 1820s. The spelling might be different today but the meaning remains the same.

“I remember growing up poor and not be able to afford to go a magic show because I didn’t have the 50 cents,” says Steve, one of nine children. “I want this to be a place everyone can come to and bring their families and just have fun.”

A mere five miles from the University of Alabama with thousands of families nearby, the party is just starting at Shindig.